Fortuna Lake

Fortuna Lake

The Danube Delta (DD) is the largest wetland belonging to the complex Danube River system. Danube Delta consists of a complex network of river channels, bays, lakes, sand banks and hundreds of swamps that help to improve water quality of the Black Sea by forming a buffer zone which filters pollutants from the Danube River, as well helping to reduce flood peaks by storing water.


The work carried out within Enviro-GRIDS project, where the hydrodynamic modelling was used to demonstrate the possibility of using hydroinformatics approaches to support decision-making and planning in the Sontea-Fortuna wetland area of the Danube Delta.


The main objective, as defined by the DDBR management plan, is to establish an ecological equilibrium which ensures protection and preservation.


Delft3D software was used for developing two models of the Sontea-Fortuna area. Delft3D is developed by Deltares to simulate hydraulic phenomena in river, estuarine and coastal areas. The software simulates variations in time and space (2D or 3D) of hydrodynamics, morphology water quality and sediment transport phenomena.



“Use of hydrodynamic models for the management of the Danube Delta wetlands: The case study of Sontea-Fortuna ecosystem”, Environmental Science & Policy, February 2015

3D Hydrodynamic model