Rainwater Harvest

Rainwater Harvest

The purpose of this project is to implement innovative methods of harvesting rain water for domestic use and crop production thereby improving the livelihoods and food security in the community and giving them a chance to empower themselves economically.


Redresses the bottleneck in securing clean and wholesome water for both drinking and for use in other domestic ways. An opportunity exists to uplift the livelihoods of especially women by empowering them, to be involved in ways such as subsistence agriculture through which they can provide food for their families.


Improve the economic livelihoods of the Mtubatuba Community, by improving the management of scarce water resources available in the area for domestic use and for subsistence agriculture. In the process of implementing this project, the community will be enabled to participate in the creation of a monetized economy within the society, with its members playing productive roles in the development, mobilisation, and investment of resources for wealth and employment creation and the uplifting of the entire community.


The Project will be based on collaborative efforts between the Dutch water experts and South African experts working with local communities. And experts are in Integrated Water Systems and Governance based in Delft, The Netherlands. The spin-off effects involve strengthening of research, agricultural potential and in future an import/ export source for agricultural produce and farm inputs.


Award, #COCREATESA Fund 2015

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