Water Accounting

Water Accounting

Water accounting is the process of communicating water resources related information and the services generated from consumptive use in a geographical domain, such as a river basin, a country or a land use class; to users such as policy makers, water authorities, managers, etc.


Water problems around the world are increasing; however, information useful for decision makers within the water sector and related to the water sector seems to be decreasing. Solving water problems requires information from many disciplines, and the physical accounts (describing sources and uses of water) are the most important foundation. The information has to be coherent and harmonized in order to provide an integrated picture useful for the assessment of the problems. The current hydrological data democracy does not provide all required data necessary for a proper water consumer communication, which hampers the development of good water stewardship.


To achieve equitable and transparent water governance for all users and a sustainable water balance Users can provide value assessments of certain process, and more accurate data sets, that replaces the default data collected from open access sources that represent best estimates.


Earth observations from satellite measurements are used to infer variables such as rainfall, interception, evaporation, transpiration, biomass production, land use, soil moisture and water levels. Specific remote sensing data sets are acquired from dedicated centers or directly from the websites that they maintain. Non‑remote sensing water‑related data is taken from a few different global hydrological models. Many of these data sets are in the semi‑public domain, often because they are still in the testing phase. The water accounting team is indebted to these centers. Without their assistance, it is not feasible to develop a new global water resources product.


Python packages

IHEWAstandard, Standardize development within the team, Github

IHEWAcollect, Remote sensing products collection tool, Github

IHEWAengine, Water Accounting engine, Github

Other IHEWA…, Github

Architecture of IHEWAengine engine2 Hyperloop.